About Us

We are an Italian Company partner of the F.I.G. since year 2009.

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus are all made in Italy in respect of all the F.I.G. norms and based on the pluriannual experience made day by day. Our techincal footwear is the result of 3 generations work and the technical clothing is made not only with our know-how capacities but also with precious feedback of our athletes.

Our greatest achievement is to give the athletes-performances.

Thanks to you - gymnasts, coaches, federations and teams - our #VNTfamily has been constantly growing in numbers, witnessing many successes of our gymnasts.

The focus of VNT Venturelli is perfection of each and every apparatus which we develop and improve in collaboration with the best gymnasts and some of the most experienced coaches around the world. 

Venturelli is an Italian family and - like in every proper Italian family - affection and human relationships always come first.